Biceps Training Aluminum Arm Blaster

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Our Primal Bicep Isolator is Made up of High-Quality Powder coated metal. The arm blaster is a simple device to use but with guaranteed results, It has a uniquely contoured and ergonomic design to fit perfectly around the torso with a quick release adjustable strap for perfect positioning
Provides extra comfort and support due to Padded elbow base. Ideal for biceps workouts It will help isolate your arms and shoulder while performing dumbbell or barbell curls.

Allows the user to build extreme bicep muscle mass. Used to enhance bicep curls, which allows you to build lean and big muscle Arm blaster ensures arms are not moved at shoulder joints and arms are held at the correct position. This enables fuller pump, total muscle fatigue and stimulating maximum muscle growth.
Bicep Isolator is able to fit around any sized body. Ideal for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding etc We recommend wearing our heavy-duty Arm Blasters during EVERY workout you are training arms/biceps. Simple, our Arm Blaster is a quality piece of equipment that helps you to MAXIMISE your BICEP contraction, minimise any 'swinging' action and help get you the results YOU deserve.